The Mission - #CofioJim

The aim of the #CofioJim (#RememberJim) campaign is to formally recognise one of West Wales' brightest and most accomplished social and political figures of the twentieth century. 

Jim Griffiths was the first ever Secretary of State for Wales, as well as a Member of Parliament for Llanelli for over three decades, yet there is no significant tribute to his work for the area.

Therefore, we believe that to remember Jim and his contribution to Llanelli and Wales, a statue should be built in his honour in Llanelli.

A petition has been established calling for Carmarthenshire County Council to work with Llanelli Town Council on ensuring that this can happen, in order to show that Jim's achievements are not forgotten by the generations that followed him. Sign the petition here.

We honour the memory of Jim Griffiths of Ammanford. I mention his birth place because, despite all his honours and journeyings, it was the place of his birth, deep in the heart of Wales, that essentially shaped his life and actions.
— Jim Callaghan, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1976-9)

This is also a very personal and emotional initiative for our lead campaigner, Theo Davies-Lewis, of the Bryn in Llanelli. Theo's grandmother, notable local teacher and florist, the late Meriel Ann Lewis (1931-2012), was very vocal about her deep conviction that Jim should be commemorated by the people of Llanelli.

This website is designed to elaborate more on the campaign; update its supporters on its progress; as well as giving others that are interested to learn more about Jim and his work in public service an accessible resource to do so.